Greetings, stranger!

My name is Alexey Lebedev, and you somehow got to my home page. Technology addict, lone freak and black metal fan, I welcome you here.

About this place was born as a way to refresh HTML/CSS and to experiment with semantic/socialweb technologies.

The site is still rather work in progress, forever ever lasting process, and I still don’t imagine how this should look like in the end.

Location and job

I live in Russia, Moscow, and work as systems architect at Glowbyte Consulting, specializing in banking solutions and enterprise systems integration.

My core technology stack includes a great deal of SAS (Base/Macro/whatever), Java EE and Spring, Apache Kafka/Camel/Flink blah blah blah … duh, i really hate CVs, whatever you start with, in the end it is bloated and narcissic. My homepage, my rules, so fuck this part. I’m just a developer and do the fucking programming.

Major interests

  • Programming, esp. Python and various Lisps
  • Metal🤘
  • Human neurobiology
  • Ethical/legal aspects of medicine